Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad. The leader in computer electronics, Apple can supply you with the products you require.

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The App Store

Here you will find a breakdown of what Apple's App Store involves. Discusses top applications and data to do with this online store.
Patrick Bisson 5612580

Biography on Steve Jobs

This is a page where you can locate the biography on Apple co-founder and CEO Steven Jobs.
Patrick Cameron 6043355

Company History

On this company history page, you will find a brief company history of Apple, their line of products dating back to when they first started operations along with some of their stock and financial analysis and some current headlines involving Apple in the news.
Brendon Bigelli 5970942


Here you will find Apple's distribution strategy on how the company sells their products to consumers.
Alexander Pratt 6109141

Product Line

Here you'll find a sample of the products that Apple offers. From the innovative iPhone to the Advanced Macbook Pro, Apple has every computer related product that you will require. Be sure to check out their entire line of products at www.apple.ca
Tessum Weber 5414170

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Group Bio's

Brendon Bigelli - 5970942 - Company History
My name is Brendon Bigelli, I am in first year Entrepreneurial Studies in the Telfer School of Management here at the University of Ottawa. Im from Guelph, Ontario and born May 19,1992. Apple seemed to be the most relevant topic for the wiki assignment as there is much to talk about with their outstanding product line, their astounding reviews and numbers, and finally with Steve Jobs being in the news so much as of late, it was a well chosen topic. Using a wiki for this type of assignment not only allows us to learn something new on the web but it was also an easy way to achieve a group made project. The wiki makes it easy for each of us to discuss the topic and edit each others work without having to constantly be arranging meeting places. I feel as though the wiki gave this assignment a whole new dimension as we were able to all collaborate to achieve a common wiki.

Tessum Weber - 5414170 - Product Line
I am a second year student studying Finance at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. My hometown is Alcove, Quebec. We chose Apple for their outstanding products offered and relevancy to this course. A leader in information systems and electronic hardware, Apple products designed to suit consumer needs. The choice of using a wiki page for the assignment is a great idea, one that facilitates teamwork over an information system. The project allowed communication without meeting in person, which was very handy at times. A great group project, I would highly recommend this to any professor looking for a project.

Patrick Cameron - #6043355 - Biography on Steven Jobs
I am currently studying in first year Marketing at the Telfer School of Management at The University of Ottawa. I was born and raised in Ottawa, my birth date being February 26, 1992. My fellow group members suggested doing our wiki assignment on Apple, and I was beyond happy with this choice. This is a company that arguably has had one of the biggest impact in technological innovation in the past decade. Everywhere you go in this millenium, Apple is a name that is recognizable. I find that this assignment and Apple go hand in hand with each other simply because they both revolve around collaboration. Apple is a leader in every category that it is involved in, and I look forward to working with teammates in creating a strong and informative page.

Patrick Bisson - #5612580- The App Store
I am a second year marketing student at the Telfer School of Business at Ottawa U. What i have accomplished during my studies is winning the 1st year business students case competition, as well as helping found "Making Waves", a student group which was aimed at offering swimming lessons to children with disabilities. Upon completing my first year of studies, I operated a small painting business through Student Works. I am pleased to be working on a project about Apple because I own several of their products and I have never been dissatisfied with them. The success that Apple has reached is very admirable, in that they revolutionized the music and mp3 player industry, and they're share on the market is not likely to falter any time soon. As for using a wiki to write this assignment, I believe that the easy to use interface and multiple tools help to enhance the content that we display and the level of collaboration that can be achieved is highly beneficial to group work.

Alexander Pratt - 6109141 - Distribution
I am a first year student studying Finance at the Telfer School of Management. I am from Ottawa, Ontario and born on May 23, 1992. I like to follow sports on the news and I enjoy playing the guitar. Our topic, Apple, closely related to the topics discussed in Module I of ADM1370, and therefore we were able to relate to the wiki assignment. With Apple's constant change in technology to adapt to the business world, it leads against its competitors in their specific markets. Apple Inc. is an exciting topic and I hope that you are excited to read about our informative page, just as we were excited to write about it.
The wiki assignment was a great way to collaborate with group members without the hassle of constant meetings to accomplish the assignment. It was a great way to discuss our own topic with our own page while being able to edit and post a discussion on each others wiki. This Web 2.0 assignment, that I have learned, is a great start to get into the business world as it uses many technological tools. I have learned a lot from wiki use and from Apple, and would encourage anyone to start their own wiki page.